Economy and Society

Economy and Society Line of Research gathers projects from the six PPGH-UFF sectors. The transversal themes aim to investigate the societies forms of production, distribution and consumption over time. More recently, themes focused on thought and conceptual vocabulary related to economic activities have been incorporated, besides research on the social and historical relationships that produce wealth and poverty around the world. The theoretical-methodological plurality traces the Line of Research production by dialoguing with studies in Economics, Demography, Economic Anthropology, Global History, History of Ideas and Intellectual History, in an interdisciplinary way. The specific methodologies of these fields of knowledge conform to reflexive, epistemological problems on history and to the treatment of serial, quantitative and discursive sources, with comparative analysis, both between societies in space and in their various chronologies. Among the most recurrent themes, but not exclusive, are the multiple working relationships; the material production and its various levels of technological development; the distribution forms – exchanges, transport, commerce; the credit relationships; the relations of stateless and state economies, and other forms of power; the economic institutions, such as firms, companies, family units; the intellectual vocabulary and the concepts and languages of economic thinking; the economic-social relations that generate unequal distributions in space and time. The Line of Research still dialogues with assessments that address cultural aspects, such as researches in material culture, intellectual formation, among others, and political aspects, as power relations between subjects and institutions, construction of discourses and others.