Política e Administração no Mundo Luso-Brasileiro

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Maria Fernanda Baptista Bicalho

“Aí Vem o Capitão-Mor”. As eleições de 1828-30 e a questão do poder local no Brasil Imperial - 157       
Marcus Joaquim Maciel de Carvalho

It is in the figure of the justice of the peace that we find the beginning of the institutional tissue that linked localities to the Court. But the high captains who lost the elections of 1828-30 didn’t step aside. This fact generated a juxtaposition of controls capable of assimilating emergent leaders but which was also vulnerable to jurisdictional conflicts and tensions that could reverberate through institutional political maneuverings all the way up from the parish level to the center of power. In the heat of dispute, local elite factions constructed their respective identities and wider political and ideological affiliations.





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