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Scholarship Committee: composed of 5 professors and 2 students of the Collegiate Body. It comprehends:

a) analyzing the Semestral Reports presented by the students;

b) issuing statements containing requirements from the interns;

c) giving notice of the cancelling of scholarships of students who have performed the required activities;

d) elaborating the list of candidates per semester, in order of priority, for the granting of new study scholarships;

e) prioritize resources according to their deliberation.

Academic Planning Committee: composed of 5 professors and 2 students. It comprehends:

a) advising the Collegiate Body of the Program regarding pedagogical and academic matters;

b) elaborating, alongside the Coordination, the Annual Academic Schedule of the Program;

c) issuing statements about the accreditation of new professors in the Collegiate Body, based on fixed criteria in the specific Internal Norm;

d) issuing statements on the request of acceptance letters from PPGH of international students who are candidates in programs financed by national and international funding agencies.

Committee of Financial Resources Management: composed of PPGH’s Coordinator and Sub-coordinator, the former management coordination of PPGH, the head of department, coordination of undergraduate programs, two professors and two students. It comprehends:

a) elaborating, each year, alongside the Coordination, an Annual Plan of Application of financial means, both coming from the University or from external funding agencies;

b) deciding on the many modalities of assistance to professors and students in research activities.