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The Post-Graduate Program in History of Universidade Federal Fluminense (PPGH-UFF) is one of the first in the area of History in Rio de Janeiro. It was created in 1971, with the implementation of the Master’s program, and the Doctorate Program is in effect since 1985. It was the first program in the country recognized for its excellency in the area of History, with a score of 7 in CAPES assessment in 1998. With a subarea concentrating in Social History, the Program unites well-known researchers who stand out in historical bibliography and it is organized in thematic sectors, consisted of different research laboratories and centers, and acting in three major lines of research: culture and society, power and society, and economy and society.

PPGH-UFF’s website integrates the Area of History of Universidade Federal Fluminense, which contains the Undergraduate Programs, the Professional Master’s Program in History Teaching (ProfHist) and the Department of History. Our portal allows access to many electronic publications in the area of History, highlighting magazine Revista Tempo, one of the most prominent scientific periodicals of the area in the Portuguese language. It also allows access to the research laboratories and centers websites, which comprehend the thematic sectors and the research lines of the PPGH-UFF.

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