Important Conference Information

Arriving in Niterói (from Rio International Airport)

There is a sedan service stand immediately outside customs, at Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio (pre-paid service; all credit cards accepted).

Outside, there is a yellow cab stand (cash; Brazilian reais)

There is also an executive bus that runs between the International Airport (Antônio Carlos Jobim/Galeão) and Niterói (Charitas #761D) that will leave you at the door of the Tower Icaraí hotel in Niterói and walking distance from most other hotels. (fare: R$6,00;approx.U$3,00)

Once in Niterói, after you check into your hotel, walk along Icaraí (Native Brazilian word, pronounced e-cah-rah-EE’) Beach: you can drink coconut water while viewing the impressive MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art), projected by world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer, who also projected the pilot plan of Brazil’s modernist capital, Brasília.

Arriving at the conference site

Our conference site is Gragoatá (Native Brazilian word pronounced gra-go-ah-TAH’) campus – UFF’s main campus, facing the Bay.

Distances in Niterói are short, and taxis are easy to be had. A cab ride from any of the conference hotels to Gragoatá campus costs between R$10,00 (about US$5,00 with tip) and R$15,00 and should take no longer than 20-30 minutes.

All plenary sessions will be in Auditorium Macunaíma (another Native Brazilian word, pronounced mah-ku-nah-EE’-mah) in block B of Gragoatá Campus. Sessions will be held in blocks B and C (Instituto de Letras/Institute of Letters). Both blocks are immediately to the left of the sentry box of the campus, you can’t miss them.